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Dwight C. Baum - a Memoir

“Dwight C. Baum – a Memoir” is a fascinating story of an entrepreneur from Pasadena. Armed with degrees from Cornell and Harvard, he worked for the British Air Commission during WWII. He became a gifted pioneer in investment banking and was an integral player in several intriguing acquisitions in the history of finance. This book honors a life well lived.

Family Shadows

This novel is currently being expanded into a trilogy and is being shopped as a mini-series!

It is the summer of 1959. Johnny Ray’s The Little White Cloud that Cried is playing on the radio. Elizabeth Webster, a slender, copper-haired beauty of 17, is preparing for entry into Ohio University’s challenging music program. Her intent is to become a concert pianist despite a negative, dysfunctional family life that nearly overwhelms her. Her first love and loss, the sudden death of her father, and more to come overshadow her indomitable positive spirit. It is a summer of change, of heartbreak, as she is tested again and again.

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